Friday, April 16, 2010

Celebrity Straight Updo Hairstyles

Updos are always a favorite when it comes to creating a formal and sophisticated look. Over the years many variations have been created, but the long straight updo hairstyle will forever remain the original.

Beyonce - Straight Updo HairstylesBeyonce - Straight Updo Hairstyles

The long straight updo is smooth and sleek, creating a very polished and chic look. To create the style all you need to do is add some styling mousse or sculpture lotion to make sure the style stays in place.

Shakira - Straight Updo HairstylesShakira - Straight Updo Hairstyles

Use paddle brush or medium size radial brush to smooth out your hair. Brush the hair, tie it and pin it up. Try to use pins that are the same color as your hair so that they are less noticeable. You may want to let your bangs hang down for a stylish twist, or you can just have a side parting with your hair combed to the side.


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