Sunday, April 25, 2010

Managing your beautiful skin

Maria was feeling lonely even in the crowded party. In fact some of her friends had made her realized that the effects of age factor are evident from her beautiful skin.

On going to home when she saw her face in the mirror then she found truth in-front of her. There were dark circles around her eyes and signs of wrinkles on her face. This is not only Maria’s problem but there are number of women who feel inferiority complex due to day-by-day deterioration of their facial beauty. Are you having the same problem? If this is the case and you want to to remain beautiful, attractive and charming for a longer time then your skin needs to be healthy and disease free.

In fact, skin is the outermost cover of the body which is affected by adverse environmental factors such as dust, sunlight and pollution etc. Mental tension also contribute significantly towards skin health.

For a younger looking, blossoming and attractive skin we are required to take into consideration beautiful skin care tips that can enhance our beauty and make it long lasting. Following anti aging skin care tips can be helpful for men and women.

1.    Regular cleaning of skin should be in your list of priorities. A regular and serious face care helps in maintaining skin pores open that paves a smooth way towards extrication of intoxicants from the skin.

2.    Do not use excessive soap for maintaining  cleanliness of skin.

3.    Unboiled milk can be used as a good facial skin cleanser.

4.    To maintain proper immunity, skin is also required to be exposed to sunlight adequately.

5.    There is no alternative to facial skin massage as it keeps the skin healthy, silky and glowing.

6.    Morning and evening walk, exercise and other health improvement activities should be included in you daily beautiful skin care routine.

7.    There should not be any insufficiency of water in the body. If the body gets adequate water then skin remain nourished. This also helps in flushing out the intoxicants from the body.

8.    The type of food that you are taking also affects your skin to a great extent. Excessive fried, fatty and spicy food takes longer time to digest. The irregularity of food is one of the main cause of acne and pimples.Your food should be balanced and easily digestibility. It must contain Vitamin A, B, C and other necessary minerals.

9.    Sleep has a direct impact on health of skin. Skin also get relaxed by having proper sleep and results in healthy skin.


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