Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Short African-American Hairstyles

While the length of African-American hairstyles ranges from short to long, there are plenty of hairstyles to choose from. For most African-American women, they prefer short hair that can be managed easily.

The good thing about having short hair is it’s easily manageable and doesn’t require a lot of care to it, like long or medium hairstyles. In addition, you can change or add to it, anytime you desire.

Although, this is the case for short African-American hair, the choice of hairstyle should match with your facial features, personality, and texture of your hair. In either case, it is still your choice as to which short hairstyle you prefer.

But, if you are not sure as to which African-American short hairstyle to go with, here’s a few suggestions you should follow. First, I would go with the short Afro. The Afro is one of the most popular hairstyles among African Americans.

A good reason to chose this hairstyle is because it requires little maintenance and you don’t need and special gels or conditioners to wash the hair.

Another African-American hairstyle I can suggest is the cropped cut. The cropped hairstyle consists of short waves that is finger-combed. To give the hair extra moisture, use a solution called pomade, which will make it shine and smooth.

There are other African-American styles of hair that you can choose to wear and for more tips and advice on what they are, read a few African-American hair magazines. Also, you should ask an African-American person you know which is the best hairstyle of this kind to have.


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