Tuesday, October 26, 2010






OMBRE ESSENTIELLE comes in a sleek, rectangular case and offers an infinite variety of shades and effects to satisfy all desires. Makeup that lights up the eyes and is more or less intense, depending on whether you use the foam applicator damp or dry. The nylon powder texture combines extreme softness with perfect hold, comfort and suppleness. Vitamins C and E provide excellent protection against free radicals. The colours express themselves freely, with a palette of magical and stunning shades, available in three makeup effects: satin, iridescent or matte.
For a more natural makeup look, use the foam applicator dry and apply the powder over the entire upper eyelid. For a very intense effect, dampen the foam applicator slightly before use.

43 Cinnamon

44 Lagoon

45 Safari

46 Lotus

47 Ebony

48 Quartz

50 Jungle

51 Mahogany

52 Beige

54 Bambou

57 Coconut

60 Ivory

62 Gold

63 Abricot

68 Sand

69 Black Star

70 Platine

71 Tigre

72 Nomade

73 Le Bronze

74 Bois bleu

75 Magic Night

76 Liberty

85 Sillage

86 Trace

87 Taupe Gris

88 Vert Khaki


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