Thursday, October 7, 2010


Popular Hair Trends for Men

The fact that fashion trends are cyclical does not only apply to clothes but also goes with men’s hair style trends. It’s basically out with the new, and in with the old with a little bit of twist here and there.

2009 popular hair trends are principally divided into 2 main categories: the school boy and the rocker looks. Even as the unusual 2009 runway collection presented something similar to a grunge revival, majority of the people will outlive 2009 with a sophisticated, classic-inspired hair cut.

The Fringe

Throughout fashion history, “the fringe” or commonly known as bangs, have been seen in large numbers on the fashion walkway. It is also known as 'the Clooney Cut' after actor George Clooney because of the way he wears his hair down. Recent men's fashion trends are increasingly being based upon women's fashion trends for the last season so it will be no surprise if the fringe will be a major quality of men's hair trends in 2009.

Hopefully, this style won't take all it's indications from the women's fringe trend last 2008. The men's fringe trend in 2009 comes in an assortment of lengths. This allows you to play with the style and length that will best match the shape of your face.

The Slick Back

Although George Clooney has given his name to the personification of “the fringe hair” trend, he has also been a larger influence of “the slick back”, another of 2009's hair style trends for men. It is not going to be difficult to style the slick back taking into consideration the type of your hair (curly or straight) and the product you use to style your hair.

The Classic Part

This hair style basically is much alike with the slick back in a way that the style is neatly brushed backward but in this case, the hair is parted into two. There are so many options styling the classic part as you can apply a part to almost every kind of hairstyle. Although a part may seem pretty simple, plenty of styling options are available to choose from.


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