Monday, October 18, 2010


REVITALAS It comes in a 3.0 ML tube
i started to use it on Friday day night
I have taken the picture today

in the pictures you can see the gaps on my eye brows
I have tried and tested lots of methods  much before start to use revitabrow
My brows are in this position because i go to wrong people for my brow treatment
they do make my brow very thin, and i tried different artists too but all they want to do is to do a thinner style.

I am not very hairy and brows are important once you go to a wrong place, they do a wrong style and your brows never grows.

thats what i am suffering,

i tried and tested the garlic method too, it did not work to make me smell like a bag of garlic for weeks

you will see in the picture that there are gaps on my brows, and looks very untidy,
Actually i am now scared to go to a stylist for my brows,
And you will see with me how effective is this product.

and also with this product i also use revitalash.
you will read my review on that product on a separate post

I can not say i see any differences from now, because i just started to use it
But every 3 days i will take a picture and show you the differences maybe you can see..
Sometimes i can not see the differences on my body because i see myself everyday in a mirror

I have recieved  this product  for Review purposes only , you will read my honest opinions and you will always read my honest opinions


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