Monday, October 18, 2010

Revitalash Eye Lash Enhancer Review

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I started to use revitalsh on Friday night, why Friday night ? Because if i do not have any plans i do not do any make up, so i wanted to use it on a clean face.

I removed my makeup and wash my face with my regular face gel,

Than i start to use both revitabrow and revitalash

Yesterday i posted about brows and today it is time for lashes

It is just new and it is normal for not seeing any difference

With bare eyes i do not see a difference but with mascara i think i can slowly see some changes.

I had an irritation on my left eye until Monday Morning, 
So I do not think that it is related with the product
if it was related with the product
it wont hit only one eye

the other reason could be because it helps eye lashes to grow and look more healthier
maybe so small and short eye lashes are getting longer

2nd when i touch my lashes, they are not soft as before , it is getting stronger,
i can see some small lashes are growing
other than this
I do not use them on my low lashes.

Of course when i use a mascara my lashes looks longer and great
i am not a mascara queen i like mascaras i have got tons of mascaras
and  even they best mascara can make my lashes
but this is the first time i saw my lashes this much good


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