Sunday, October 24, 2010



Honestly, 1000 of words are not enough to tell you how great mascara is this.

I Spend so much money on beauty and cosmetics, if i save those money i would probably be a very rich girl now

this mascara has a very  tiny bristle

It is smudge proof,

At first i thought oh No , how am i gonna use this mascara which looked hard to apply,
you know it is not easy to take control with different wands
I am not a  good at applying mascara to my lashes
I have tried so many mascaras on the market that when they do some upgrades on a mascara and put it on sales with new effects i do not even bother to go and try it in stores

I never say a product is good unless it is really good.

I was unsure if this mascara is really great as people speak or not?

I thought it would be hard to apply, but i once i used it , i see that it is very easy to apply and it creates miracles,
by the thing bristle you can reach even the shortest smallest lashes  and you can apply to them also

DSCF7160 DSCF7161


As you can see my eye lashes looks greater than it is without a mascara
It shows my lashes longer and stronger
I feel like i am wearing false lashes
Also it is pretty long lasting for me
bec i play with my eyes and face unconditionally all  day, and it is still there by the end of the day, still surviving not as i first wear but it is still on my eyes and shows my lashes beautiful

this mascara is provided by PR for Review purposes only, you are reading my honest opinions about the product and you will always read my honest opinions


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