Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Trish McEvoy Instant Eye Lift

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Brighten the under-eye area and smooth fine lines with this new-generation concealer. Trish McEvoy's transforming Instant Eye Lift is a fine-line filler and brightener in one. The revolutionary spherical polymeric powders fill in fine lines of the eye, making skin appear smooth, even and uplifted, while coated colour pigments deliver brightening, full coverage that stays true and wears all day.



It is a kind of a concealer but it is actually different than tradtional concealers

it will help you to get rid of dark circles, bags, and bumps under your eyes,

it is in light shade, beige pink,

it will not cover under eyes like traditional concealer and it will not says flash flash have a look i got a concealer



I will try and tell you about my real experiences about this product,

Lately because lack of sleep, stress and all sorts of things are effecting me, and if i do not get my sleep the next day i wake up with big dark circles and bags. Which drives me crazy,  and I instantly become manic and depressive and i put every single product i find, yeah it helps for the first moment than during the day, when i have a look at the mirror, i scream and i turn into a zombie… the products did not help and i look more tired than ever,


Now i will test this product for you and  tell my honest opinions.


“I have received this product for Review purposes only, i am not paid to blog this posts”


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