Monday, October 11, 2010


Be Your Own Celebrity Hairstyle

You go in a salon and they ask you the kind of hairstyle you want to have. But you are not sure of what you want and ask for a magazine to browse on the latest hairstyle.

Janice Dickinson

Thanks to these celebrities, they have given you just the gorgeous looking celebrity hairstyle they have set for others as a trend to be followed.

Jennifer Aniston

Celebrities are one of the people who set the trends aside from the fashion designers. They have become an inspiration to their fans and have given them a chance to have a feel of how it is to be a celebrity by trying to follow their style.

Eva Mendes

We all had our share of those bad hair days and there's nothing we can do about it. However, there are some factors why we get a bad hair day. One reason is that your hairstyle doesn't fit your face and body and you were not able to foresee this because you were too eager to have that celebrity hairstyle you want to have.

Melanie Brown

Here are some tips to avoid a bad hair day and enjoy your celebrity hairstyle:

- Choose a celebrity you like who has more or less the same shape of face with you.

- Choose a celebrity hairstyle that fits your personality and taste.

- Let it flaunt and flatter your facial features and body.

- Consider a hairstyle that also fits your lifestyle. If you're a kind of person who is always busy, try to have a hairstyle that doesn't need much time of pampering in the morning before you go to work yet you still look stunning.

- If you're gutsy, you can actually do an experiment with any hairstyle you like and try to give it some twist to make you look like your favorite celebrity without losing your own style.

- For you not to regret the hairstyle you have chosen, set your expectations.

Jennifer Love Hewwit

Be realistic with what you want to achieve for yourself and know your limits.Having the celebrity hairstyle you have been dreaming of is not that hard to achieve when you know what are the things to consider.

Brooke Burns

You should also put into mind the needs that you have and the benefits you will get from the hairstyle you have chosen. Remember, you have to love your hair to know what celebrity hairstyle is best for you. You never know, you might just be the celebrity in your own place.


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