Monday, November 1, 2010

Apply Eye Makeup to Green Eyes

Apply Eye Makeup to Green EyesEye makeup for green eyes encompasses a wide range of color options. The key is to choose Eye makeup colors that don't compete with your eye's natural shade of green.
Any eyeshadow shades that are mostly yellow will also drown out green eyes. The yellow swallows the startling green and makes the white of your eyes look dull. Jade, amber and even neon orange may work for you, but canary, lemon or mustard are out of the question.
It's important to never let your eyeshadow compete with your eyes for attention. Let your eye color remain sparkling by using any eyeshadow color except one that matches your eyes. Go with a creamier green, a darker green or a smokier green, but never match your eye color and eye shadow exactly.
Pure and bold blue eyeshadows tend to look unflattering with green eyes, especially if it's used as a base color. But blue-green colors, such as turquoise, can appear attractive, especially if your color is more hazel. The blue-green hue will help bring out more green than brown in your eyes. Light blues work well for base, accent or tiny highlight.
Grey and silver tones pair well with green eyes, but be careful of creating a look that's too icy or harsh. Smoky hues will help the green really pop out and look great mixed with almost any other color.
Most browns appear very flattering with green eyes, but only if those eyes are true green. If your eyes tend to look hazel or brown sometimes, then brown eyeshadow will make them appear more brown than green.
To keep those green flecks sparkling, use creamy and/or blended brown colors, such as fawn, tan or mocha. Bring out any gold flecks in your eyes by using accents and highlights in gold, copper or bronze hues.
Properly applied purple eyeshadow is fantastic for a funky but flattering look with green eyes. Never use purple as a base shade, or you'll end up looking like you have two black eyes. Instead use almost any shade of purple, such as lavender or periwinkle, as an accent or blended color.
By: Aysha Schurman


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