Monday, November 1, 2010

Blackup Up Eye Liner

Extreme precision. Up|Eyeliner, the exciting new precision long-wearing eyeliner with an ultra powerful pigment formulae that provides intense colour and definition. Up|Eyeliner is available in 3 intense shades: Black, Green Lagoo and Peacock Blue.

This new Up|Eyeliner gives a perfect line due to it's velvet applicator tip providing ease of application and an array of different looks: TRENDY - You will need to line the upper outer rims and then do the same for the lower outer rims. Next, fully line the inner rims of your upper eyelashes and hold them up to expose your upper inner lid) and lower lids. Follow with two coats of our mascara. SIXTIES - Draw a fine line all the way around the eye, the sixties was all about big dramatic eyes. PROFESSIONAL - line just the very outer corners of your upper and lower lashes, apply the liner at the corners of your eye, in an angled V shape.


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