Thursday, November 4, 2010

Essence Fairy Tale Collection


Every beauty queen deserves that fairy tale happy ending, so why not end this year with the fabulous new essence trend edition, “fairytale?” This new collection will be make your very own fairytale a reality! From December 2010 until January 2011, check out this dazzling assortment for your eyes, lips, face and nails. Fresh rosé and apricot shades combined with intensive grey, red and purple not only make your eyes shine, but guarantee that all your wishes will come true.


essence fairytale mono eyeshadow

Make your perfect night last forever with the new mono eyeshadows. The beautiful color combinations will accent your perfect make-up look! You’re sure to be the belle of the ball with these glamorous shades of apricot, purple, and berry.

Available in the colors 01 tinka’s dress, 02 welcome to wonderland, 03 humpty dumpty and 04 fairy berry




















essence fairytale eye pencil



Create that enchanting and seductive look you’ve always wanted with this new deep black eye pencil. You’ll be able to get

extreme intensity and leave everyone guessing what’s behind your mysterious, gorgeous eyes. Available in 01 enchanted forest.



essence fairytale glitter eyeliner

Get that hint of magic in your fairytale make-up with the new glitter eyeliner collection! Whether you choose a soft apricot, playful lilac or enchanting silver- the glitter eyeliner will give your eyes that certain sparkle, leaving you stunning for a big night out! Available in 01 welcome to wonderland, 02 tinka’s dress and 03 humpty dumpty









essence fairytale lashes with glitter stars

All your wishes and dreams are bound to come true with these fairytale false lashes. You’ll have endlessly long lashes for eyes worthy of the perfect prince charming. Plus, the tiny glitter stars will give you an added gorgeous sparkle! Available in 01 twinkle, twinkle





essence fairytale lipgloss

The new fairytale lipgloss won’t ever let those lips go unnoticed! Now your lips can feel wonderfully soft and pampered just like a real princess deserves. Check out the three new fairy-like colors, with delicate textures that will provide your lips with a smooth finish. Available in 01 fairy berry, 02 once upon a time and 03 pixie dust.









essence fairytale nail polish

The new fairytale nail polishes make it easy to get the perfect princess-like nails. These six new mysterious colors offer the right look to suit any occasion and create your unique magical style in a heartbeat! Available in 01 fairy berry, 02 pixie dust, 03 once upon a time, 04 humpty dumpty, 05 tinka’s dress and 06 welcome to wonderland.
















essence fairytale shimmer powder

What’s a fairytale without fairy dust?! Thanks to this new beautiful shimmer powder, you can create the perfect highlights on your face and neckline anytime you wish! Available in 01 pixie dust





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