Saturday, December 11, 2010

Beauty TAG: My Perfect Imperfections

So I saw this TAG all over YouTube about a week ago and I decided to do it for my blog. The premise is, you have to pick 3 things about yourself that you don't like and 3 things that you do. I hesitate to call them "perfections" because we all know there's no such thing, but that's what the TAG's called so I guess I'll jump on the bandwagon :p.

To make this simpler, I'll stick with beauty/physical/superficial related things; and I'll tell you right now, picking just three imperfections is a challenge because goodness knows I have way more than that. Haha!

1. My Calves
They're HUGE

Seriously... This means I can't ever wear boots that zip up and those that don't, well... Unless they're incredibly roomy, I pretty much have to go a size up in order for it to fit. Ohhh joy :p.

2. My Moles
Yes, they're called beauty marks, but I find that doesn't quite apply when you have 10 of them on your face. They don't bother me as much, though; I've grown to accept them as I've gotten older. But I'd still like to get rid of a few of the bigger ones.

3. My Overall Body Shape
I have a wide and curvy build; add that to a short frame and it's pretty difficult to find clothes that fit you properly. Though I enjoy shopping, it can get pretty discouraging when you can only fit 1 out of the 10 items you try on. 

1. My Eyebrows

I've never paid much attention to my eyebrows until I started sharing my eye looks and people started pointing them out to me. I've been doing my own eyebrows since I was in my early teens and I've never had any professional do them, ever. Needless to say, I'm quite proud of them :p.

2. My Hair

I used to straighten my hair all the time when I was in high school. And when I wanted it curly, I'd blow dry it straight first, then I'd curl with an iron. Hair damage, galore! Then I figured out I actually have naturally wavy/curly hair. I've also stopped dyeing my hair so it's the healthiest its ever been. Also, my hair is coarse, which is a pain when you want to straighten (something I don't do often); but it means I can pretty much style it and it keeps its shape. It also means that while my fellow dancers were teasing their hair into oblivion for our 80s piece, all I had to do was tilt my head down, apply hairspray, and voila: BIG HAIR!

3. My Dimples
Coz who doesn't like dimples? :D

I tag all you lovelies!
If you do or have done this tag, 
please leave a link in the comments :)


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