Wednesday, December 8, 2010



All Dressed Up Collection

Trish’s All dressed Up Collection will effortlessly dress up your look from the office to the ball this season. Including Luminous Eye Shadows in Rose Gold and Plum, Intense Eye Pencil Black, Flawless lip and Irresistible Nude Shimmer Lip Gloss.



Mobile Beauty Emergency Collection


Combining the convenience of on the go makeup and tools with multiple pockets to stylishly carry what you need for the day, this collection includes Beauty Emergency card 5 colour face and lip palette plus 2 compatible luxury Lucite -  handled brushes

*External Pocket sized perfectly to hold your mobile phone, Deluxe Refillable Double Decker Trish Compact or even your digital camera!


The Cloud 9 Dream Fragrance Collection


Beautifully packaged for instant gift giving, Trish’s coveted Cloud 9 Fragrance Collection features #9 Blackberry and Vanilla Musk fragrance 50 ml, a limited edition #9 pocketable fragrance , and a wild Blueberry Vanilla Candle 3oz. Complete the fantasy with a kiss of Irresistible Pink Lip Gloss for the fullest looking pout.


Pocketable Fragrance


Pocketable Fragrances available in Sexy 4 gardenia, #9 Blackberry and Vanilla Musk and Sexy 9 Blackberry and Vanilla Musk

£20 each


The Classic Brush Set


The brush Set you have been waiting for is here! 8 Essential Brushes from Trish’s iconic selection



Beauty Emergency card for Lips

Be prepared Pink


A season’s worth of 8 Trish Gloss favourites leave your lips beaming while supporting Girls Scouting* takes care of the smile

*All proceeds go to Girl’s Scouts America



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