Tuesday, January 11, 2011




ELF nail polish in chocolate, it is a nice deep dark brown, it is also very similar to Chanel’s brown based Khaki nail polishes,


We all buy cheap makeup because of several reasons, budget or we just buy to just not give a lot of money for a nail polish,


i bought some ELF polishes not to give much money to Chanel Polishes


I like the colours they are so fun and exciting, also very fashionable


but as you can see from the pictures, it already started to go of within few hours,


It is the only negative part of ELF nail polishes


it dry fast, even for me who can not sit tight a minute without moving


oh by the way unlike other nail polishes ELF Nail polish bottle does not leak. you know sometimes we are in rush and we do not close the cap properly and  when we put them a side it leaks, but i never had a problem like that because all my polishes are in small drawer box and both of them are on top of each other OPI polished leaked but ELF did not leak


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