Friday, January 14, 2011

Lush New Year Recommendations

lush-up-you-get-emotibombNothing wakes you up and prepares you for a work out more than Up You Gets emotibomb. Place this in the shower and make your own mini sauna as the emotibomb vaporises in the hot steam. Perfect if you need a little encouragement to make it to the gym, or for refreshing your body and mind after a strenuous work out.  Made with lime, lemon and grapefruit oils, this citrus blend uplifts the mood and clears the mind, leaving you utterly refreshed and ready for whatever the day, or the personal trainer, throws at you.

smell lovely when you hold it up to your nose and smell it.

place it on the floor of the shower and then as the water runs the product will dissolve in much the same way as the bath ballistics.


Buffy Body Butter



After a tough work out or sweating away to a Zuma routine, nothing beats Lush’s Buffy exfoliating body butter at ensuring skin is smooth and bump free. Used on wet skin, the ground rice and almonds slough away dry, dead skin cells whilst cocoa and shea butter simultaneously moisturise the body. Being both an exfoliant and moisturiser all in one, Buffy is a handy gym bag essential and a great circulation booster helping to combat cellulite whilst making your pins smooth and salsa ready






Massage Bar for seriously sore muscles. The bar is specifically moulded with bumps that enhance any massage with extra pressure to get the circulation going. The jojoba and butter base melts onto the skin quickly to allow a smooth and sensual experience


Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar

Wiccy Magic Muscles



is a super spicy massage bar and, when warmed in the hands, can be massaged into the skin to relieve aches and pains. Rich and spicy cinnamon leaf oil moisturises and relieves tense muscles whilst aduki beans massage and boost circulation




When going to the gym or travelling to a spa break, nothing is more annoying than filling a heavy bag with full sized shower essentials. Instead of lugging bottles, try one of Lush’s long lasting solid shampoo bars like Godiva . This 2 in 1 solid shampoo and conditioner will be your gym bag’s new best friend and with no lugging involved, will reduce unnecessary limb strain!



Geo phyzz bath ballistic


If you’re not a gym bunny and prefer exercising at home, what better way to relax and relieve muscle tension after your work out than with a lovely, long, steamy bath. Throw in Lush’s mineral rich  Geo phyzz bath ballistic for a therapeutic skin treatment. Hawaiian volcanic salt and course sea salt make for a deeply cleansing, relaxing soak – great for tired muscles and dry skin. The perfect treat for a new you.


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