Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Brush Shapes and Their Uses


Whether you are buying your make up brushes from High Street Brands or you are going on Budget buying dupes ( art brushes, or some replicas on ebay) this list will help you choosing your brushes.




 Round - Use on point, or apply pressure to make thick-to-thin strokes.


Liner - Continuous curved or straight lines.



Script Liner (Long Liner) - Scroll work, flowing thick-to-thin lines

( you can find this brush at art craft stores)



Eye Definer Brush Short: flat strokes and blending, especially useful with heavy mediums.




Angled Eye Colour  Brush


designed for overall colour application and blending.




Eye Shader Brush

Blending and softening


Angled Liner (Angle Flat) For colouring filling the brows or For creating sharp, precise lines. This brush has fibres which are carefully arranged to form a perfect angle



Shader Brush : Strokes with soft edges. Blending. A natural flower petal shape. Use it for pigments, glitters, concealers, cream eye shadows, MAC Paints

Fan  Brush


A flat, fan-shaped brush of soft synthetic fibre/goat hair blend. Can be used for featherweight application and blending of pigments and powders or as a tool to gently clear the skin of any excess product.

Use it for loose powders, loose blushes, loose bronzers.


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