Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Choosing your right makeup brush and Brush Care


Choosing a brush is largely a matter of personal preference, but each type of hair bristle has its own unique characteristics.

Some of the more popular types of hair used in cosmetic sector  include:

Natural Soft Hair

Kolinsky - Finest red sable, Finely-pointed hair with superb spring, strength, and absorbency.  ( Shu Uemura have Kolinsky)

Red Sable - Any red hair from the weasel family. Many different grades are available on the market. Ideally they hold a fine point with good spring and absorbency. Well suited to smooth strokes and blending in oils ( it is suitable for pros, backstage makeup, cinema and theatre makeup)

Ox - Lacks the fine tip of red sable, but is a strong, silken hair often used in moderately-priced brushes.

Goat - A relatively inexpensive hair. Possesses good absorbency with a soft, wiry feel.

Squirrel - Highly absorbent, finely-pointed hairs, but lack the spring of red sable.

Camel - An all-encompassing term for brushes made from a variety of hairs, none of which are camel. They may include ox, goat, squirrel, or pony hair.   Shu Uemura have Pony Hair Brushes)


Coarse, strong hair that ideally has a natural curve and flagged tips. Well suited to work with heavier mediums like oils, acrylics, and tempera. White bristle comes in many grades. Black bristle is a stiffer, economically-priced hair.

Synthetic Hair

Manufactured fibers of various thicknesses, each tapering to a fine point. They are available white or dyed (Taklon). The performance characteristics of synthetic brushes can vary widely. They are suitable for all  cosmetics and ideal for acrylics.

Synthetic Bristle

Stiff, coarse, tapered fibers lacking the flags and curve of natural bristle, but suitable for work on rough surfaces, and are excellent for use in stencil and fabric painting brushes.

Long or Short Handle?

Short-handle brushes are the choice for make up applications when working at a table or other flat surface. A short handle is also the preferred length for watercolours. Long-handle brushes are designed for easel work so that painters may distance themselves from their work.

Things to Consider

When selecting the best brush (hair and shapes to be used) for a project, you will want to consider:
·the properties of your makeup;
·depends on your skin, or skin you are applying makeup to  whether it is acne based, or has marks, scars, freckles or a flawless skin…

your technique and style, and the desired final effect.

Caring For Your Brushes

Follow these tips to keep your brushes in top-working condition:

  • When loading, using, or cleaning, work hairs in their natural direction.
  • Do not leave a brush soaking in a liquid for extended periods, especially resting on its bristles.
  • Take care not to let eye shadow, liners, cc bases, foundation, paints  its way up into the ferrule.
  • When working, never allow paint to dry on your brush.


  • Clean your brushes thouroughly and promptly when you are finished your makeup
  • For best results, use a brush cleaner formulated for the medium being used (water- or oil-based , or brush shampoo) each time i use my brushes i clean then with mild baby oil,
  • Store brushes lying flat, or with heads upright, so there is no pressure on the hair.


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